Apologies all around

I am sorry for not posting more often to this blog. I love to write and get feedback. But too many times work and life get in the way.

I am working on so many different things right now. I have a publication for Cape Cod Community College that needs to be done by the first week of August.

The Healthy Living Magazine fall edition is on course. I design and art direct this publication almost entirely by myself. Candidta Mamet, the publisher and editor, is great to work with and has more energy than the Energizer Bunny.

I just finished up a series of oversize postcards for Kurt Dwyer Painting in Quincy, MA. That was fun because they like color and fun concepts and quality. (Right down my alley!)

I am in the process of designing a brochure/folder for Angel Hagerty of In/Design. She is a wonderful interior designer based in Marshfield, MA. Creating for another creative person is both fun and intimidating. But I know she will like my ideas.

Plus, I am in the process of redesigning my own logo and website.

So that’s why I have neglected my blogging for a while. I promise to do better at it and as some of these projects progress, I will tell all.

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