From Little Acorns Great Ideas Can Flow

My Ten Minute presentation for my BNI group was this week. This was the most difficult one I have done. And I have nobody to blame but myself.

I asked each member of the group to pick one out of two or three choices I gave each. For instance, I asked our real estate member to chose between Doors or Windows. The member who creates window designs for homes was asked to choose between hanging from the top or coming up from the bottom. The insurance broker was asked to choose between playing it safe and taking a risk.

There are 24 members in my group right now and we all do different things. I thought it might be interesting to ask each to give me a category that somewhat pertained to their field of expertise. Am I insane?

With all the suggestions I got the following categories:
The number 3
Colors; Lime Green, Periwinkle Blue and Kelly Green
Hang from the top
In Line
New and
Take a Risk.

Wow. I certainly did ask for it, didn’t I? BUT I came up with a design of a poster. 18″ X 34″, it is divided in thirds and has the three colors (2 greens and a blue) as well as a plaid over those colors that is in greens, blues and yellow.

Then I chose the concept of TREES since that went with the country choice and the wood choice.

Hanging from the top of this poster is the word TREES in a bold serif font in purple. There is a green script font of the same word super-imposed over the bold purple text.

At the base of this poster is a weathered piece of wood paneling with some blue paint peeling off of it.

Then I found some clip art (I’m on a Budget here) which I tweaked and colored in the three main colors. Then I decided to pull out a characteristic of each tree; pine cone and needles for the Pine tree, acorns for the Oak and leaves for the Aspen.

Next to the pine cone is a pink teapot. This symbolizes the Pine Needle Tea that I researched. It is savory not sweet.

Then a bit of text with a lovely poem by Ralph Waldon Emerson (about pine trees, of course).

Next came the graphic of a window with a bit of verse from Thomas Carlyle about the mighty oak and acorns. And that window opens and a bunch of acorns come falling from the tree.

Then a box with a photo of an Aspen leaf gets landed on by the Twitter Bird (remember, I am still on a budget). But that bird is feathered, right?

Then an image of a torn sheet from a well used notebook has a poem on it by Hunter Thompson. The Poster is almost complete. But I needed to add in something to show the “Taking a Risk” aspect.

In the upper left hand corner is a large quote stating the entire theme of this endeavor . . . “Do not be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.”

That pretty much sums up the entire reason for this exercise. I wanted to show how a designer can take very divergent instructions, ideas, concepts, input . . . whatever . . . and make it into something interesting that can communicate, that has a concept and that is colorful and fun.

I hope I did that.

5 comments to From Little Acorns Great Ideas Can Flow

  • Thanks. What did you not picture? The final piece? Because, neither did I. This was one of those things where it just grew and THEN I planned it. Fun though!

  • Yes, I designed it myself. I have been a designer for over 37 years and have had my own business for 23 of those years. If one believes that there is little that can compare with experience, then I am not to be beaten. Sorry, that was a bit lofty, wouldn’t you say?

    I love what I do. There is nothing I won’t tackle in design realms (except for cartoons. I realized long ago that I am not good at them.)

    Thanks for your interest. GINNY

  • I received my knowledge by working as a professional designer for over 37 years. While that much experience can scare some people (they think experience means “more money”) the fact is that the experience is what makes me less expensive. I can work through a design problem faster than new designers can because I have that know-how. As many of us know, time is money. Gad, I hate attributing everything to monetary equations!

  • I simply use WordPress. It is easy to use and so fr have had no problems with it.

    I don’t know HTML either. I need something to use that is basically brainless and lets me use my brain for the Blogs!

  • I use Birchwood Enterprises in Massachusetts.

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