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Watching them soar!

Well, we survived the Hurricane Irene mess. And might I say, there is still quite a mess. While the storm itself didn’t really amount to as much as they said it might, the aftermath in my world has been just plain messy. No power for the last 28 hours. A tree broke in half and landed . . . → Read More: Watching them soar!

Graphic Peeves

There are some things that are done in the name of Graphic Design that should never see the light of day.

One is the over use of italics. Italic type is the words you should see emphasized as this. Can you see the difference? When italics are used on a word it makes the word stand . . . → Read More: Graphic Peeves

From Little Acorns Great Ideas Can Flow

My Ten Minute presentation for my BNI group was this week. This was the most difficult one I have done. And I have nobody to blame but myself.

I asked each member of the group to pick one out of two or three choices I gave each. For instance, I asked our real estate member to chose . . . → Read More: From Little Acorns Great Ideas Can Flow

Apologies all around

I am sorry for not posting more often to this blog. I love to write and get feedback. But too many times work and life get in the way.

I am working on so many different things right now. I have a publication for Cape Cod Community College that needs to be done by the first week . . . → Read More: Apologies all around

Where would I be if I hadn’t decided to freelance?

Years ago I decided I wanted the freedom of working for myself. For one thing, I had started teaching at a local art school and I really enjoyed the interaction with the students, the spark that it gave my own work and the whole atmosphere of a college.

It also gave me the freedom to choose my . . . → Read More: Where would I be if I hadn’t decided to freelance?

What does PMS mean?

I was at a Christmas party this week and some of us started talking shop. (I know, shouldn’t do that in a social setting. But these were all business colleagues.)

It seems that one of my colleagues was complaining to our printer that his logo he had gotten from HP looked vastly different when printed on press . . . → Read More: What does PMS mean?

Varying Kinds of Clients

When I first started freelancing I already had over fifteen years of experience working in the field of Graphic Design. I had worked for ad agencies and design studios throughout the Boston area. So I felt confident in being able to go it on my own.

I sent out a professionally designed direct mail piece that . . . → Read More: Varying Kinds of Clients

Growing in the business!

As I grew in my business I went to work for a direct marketing agency. I was leery of going to work for an agency that did (shhh) junk mail.

But I soon learned that direct response advertising was one of the most respected areas of advertising. A company spends a lot of money doing advertising. In . . . → Read More: Growing in the business!

In The Past . . .

Early in my career I was working for a small advertising agency in Boston and one of our clients was a local bank with five or six offices throughout the Boston area. They had made the decision to install automatic teller machines at all their offices and asked our agency to come up with the graphics . . . → Read More: In The Past . . .