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Ginny (Virginia) JustGinny Just 

Creative Director •  Graphic Designer •  Art Director • Illustrator

After getting married way too young, Ginny decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in Commercial Art from Vesper George School of Art in Boston. She has been a graphic designer since 1975, having worked in large, medium and small ad agencies and design studios in the Boston area. She has worked in publishing and at direct response agencies as well. This gal gets around.

In 1988 she started Just Associates and has been creating effective pieces for companies worldwide. (See the Client List page for some of the companies with which she has worked.) Her years of design experience allowed her to teach on the college level at New England School of Art & Design and at Cape Cod Community College which she has done since 1983.

Her favorite client is one that appreciates color, a sense of humor and good use of typography (not necessarily in that order). 

Peter Spier              

Graphic Designer • Technical Expert

After graduating from a well-known university with a useless degree in anthropology, Peter worked as a custom jewelry designer and fabricator, and later in residential and light commercial construction until his shoulders gave out. Seeking new thrills he went to work in the printing business, doing time in small print shops, and newspaper and magazine production departments, learning how things work in the real world. He also spent a brief time teaching electronic print production and layout at the college level.

Peter currently spends his days doing graphic design and layout for print. In his spare time he puts on his Adobe Community Professional(r) hat and volunteers as a moderator on the Adobe Systems user-to-user forums helping people around the world solve problems they encounter with their own projects.

Patrick Fitzgerald              


Patrick graduated from UMass Amherst in 1990 with a degree in English Literature. His next brilliant career move was to take a master’s degree in American Studies from the University of Maryland in 1995. In between he started his writing life as a speech writer in Washington, DC.

After a detour of two years teaching English in southern Japan and traveling around the world, he moved back to Massachusetts where he took up the fine craft of copywriting for an advertising firm north of Boston. The tech boom of late 1990s eventually brought him to an IT research firm where he developed a thoroughgoing understanding of the market needs for large scale enterprise software. Today he mixes his marketing and technical experience writing ad copy, research papers, and a wide range of promotional materials for some of the largest IT firms in world including Hewlett Packard and SAP. 

Bikramjit Singh Aulakh                  


As a former attorney and one-time IT manager for a defense contractor in Washington, DC, Bik could be spending his time more profitably – but when the writing life calls, one must answer. After meeting Patrick at UMass Amherst in the later 1980s, Bik moved on to law school at Louis and Clark in Oregon. For a time he practiced environmental law – that is until he answered the clarion call of IT and found himself managing a project for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) outside of the nation’s capital.

Wanting to write instead of manage, Bik eventually left his corporate gig. Today he collaborates with Patrick and Just Associates on a wide range of campaigns and marketing collateral projects – drawing on his previous experience in other fields to bring unique insight into whatever writing tasks he undertakes.

Naomi Just  


Naomi is a fine artist and educator with a flair for fantasy and realistic illustration that makes for a fine blend.  She graduated from Mass Art in Boston, MA and received her Masters degree from Lesley University.  She has been a professor of Art at Lesley University in the graduate and post graduate schools.

She has the unique ability to create works that are incredibly detailed and realistic while also doing pieces that are whimsical and/or abstract.  She has done work in large scale doing murals for entire rooms, as well as advertising illustrations and beautiful house portraits.

Nanette Ingraham 

Three-dimensional Illustrator

Nan's style of working with polymer clay is fresh, fun-loving and intriguing. She brings a lighthearted feel to her art.

When creating clay pieces she can work in the tiniest details. When using fibers she creates whimsical, funny, colorful and beautifully textured illustrations.
Her background as an organic (NOFA Certified) gardener and landscape consultant shows in her artwork. You can see the green influence.

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